What we will need


What we will need from INL teams

 1.  Rosters till the end of January. DOWNLOAD

 2.  Team picture (png. or jpg. format 1000×450 px), players pictures (png. or jpg. format 1000×1000 px), staff pictures (png. or jpg. format 1000×1000 px) (coaches, managers, field managers, club presidents) end of January

 3.  Team logo in vectors or png. format 1000×1000 px (especially new teams)

 4. Team can also send us twitter acoounts if they have so we will be able to share it thru our page. 

 5. When the seasom starts we will need: Results by the end of the day the game was played, scaned scoresheets by the end of the monday after the playing weekend. 

All the informations please send to address: info@baseballinterleague.com this email address will also work for all of you questions about INL webpage.

EIB Team