EIB A pool relegation games

Euro Interleague Baseball Relegation games While 4 teams will be competing to be crowned as the first champion of Euro Interleague Baseball, 4 more teams will be battling for their spot in the EIB A pool in relegation games.

The 2 teams from B pool trying to earn their way into the EIB A pool are Zajcki Ljubljana (Slovenia), who finished in 1st place in B pool and Beograd 96 (Serbia), who tied for 2nd but defeated BK Medvednica Zagreb (Croatia) in a wild card play-in game, 10:0.

The teams they will be trying to knock off and replace in A pool are Obuda Budapest and The Reds Sleepwalkers, both from Hungary.

The format will be a best of 3 series, hosted by the teams representing the B pool and will take place on the 27th-28th of August.

Zajcki Ljubljana will be facing Oduba Budapest and Beograd 96 will go up against the Reds Sleepwalkers, each winner of their respective best of 3 series will compete in the EIB A pool next season.



Zajcki Ljubljana vs Obuda Budapest location: Ljubljana. Slovenia

Game 1: Saturday, August 27th @ 15:00

Game 2: Sunday, August 28th @ 11:00

Game 3*: Sunday, August 28th @ 15:00 (*if necessary)


Beograd 96 vs Reds Sleepwalkers location: Beograd, Serbia

Game 1: Saturday, September 10th @ 15:00

Game 2: Sunday, September 11th @ 11:00

Game 3*: Sunday, September 11th @ 15:00 (*if necessary)