EIB All Star Game

Congratulations to 2016 Euro Interleague Baseball champions, Nada Split! After a great inaugural season, it is time to acknowledge our leagues brightest stars with the first annual Euro Interleague Baseball All-Star game in Karlovac, Croatia.


The festivities will commence at 10:00 on October 15th with various skill competitions including fastest throw, fastest runner, and a home run derby. At 14:00 the best of the South will face off against the best of the North in the All-Star game.

The South team will consist of 16 players from Croatia and Serbia while the North will consist of 16 players from Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary.

After the game, a meeting will be held for all EIB members to discuss the future of the EIB and later that night, everyone is invited for a night out on the town so that we can all get to know each other better and strengthen the EIB community.