The king is dead, long live the king!

Another successful year is in the books and we are thrilled to announce a new champion! After six years of Croatian domination, the title goes to Slovakia, thanks to Baseball club Apollo Bratislava. The Slovak reign champion can celebrate the EIB championship for the first time in their history. On the way to the title Apollo defeated Vindija Varaždin 10:3 in the semifinals and reached the victory 4:2 over Nada Split in the finals.


The battle for a spot in the Euro Interleague A Pool for 2020 took place in Budapest as the host team, Budapest Reds gained a spot for next years A Pool. After taking a loss on Saturday, the Reds rallied back to win 2 in a row during a best of 3 series against BK Zagreb. Congratulations to the leagues only Hungarian team for a heroic effort in punching their ticket for next years A Pool.

Congratulation’s to all the teams and especially to BK Apollo Bratislava for the succesfull season.