The 2023 Play-Off to begin!

Hello Euro Interleague Baseball fans!


After a challenging and thrilling regular season, it’s time for the 2023 Play-Off to begin!

The first semifinal games between Apollo Bratislava and Aeros Érd can be seen on August 27th at the home field of the Bratislava team, Apollo. An unexpected twist occurred in the second semifinal between Red Wolves Budapest and Bejzbol Klub Novi Sad. 

Semifinal Games – Apollo Bratislava vs. Aeros Érd

The first EIB semifinal brought incredible excitement as Apollo Bratislava and Aeros Érd faced off. These two teams showcased immense talent and determination, with Apollo Bratislava securing a spot in the EIB finals with a victory in a dramatic game.

Semifinal Games – Red Wolves Budapest vs. Bejzbol Klub Novi Sad

The second semifinal between Red Wolves Budapest and Bejzbol Klub Novi Sad brought an unexpected turn of events. Bejzbol Klub Novi Sad contacted EIB with a request to cancel the remaining series in the Play-Off. An unexpected message arrived, in which the Serbian team apologized and expressed hope that they would be able to return to EIB games in full force in the future.

What’s Next?

The remaining teams will battle for the EIB championship title, and fans are certainly anticipating exciting games. While we are disappointed by Bejzbol Klub Novi Sad’s absence, we want to send them words of encouragement and hope to see them back in EIB Play-Off soon. Baseball is unpredictable, and that’s what makes it so captivating! So, let’s cheer for our finalists and look forward to thrilling games in the final series of EIB!