We created the idea of Euro Interleague Baseball,to do something different, something more than a page on the social network. Behind EIB is a team of people who, wants to try fulfill the goal of making baseball in those countries more attractive and more easily accessible for all people.

Our goal is to have better interaction in baseball in Central and Southern Europe. We want to preserve the tradition of baseball in interleague countries. At the same time we want to make European baseball more visible and to make available important information not only for the players and club management, but especially the fans. We want to help clubs get closer to Pro-Baseball.

EIB Secretary

Goran Supraha

CO-FOUNDER & EIB Commissioner

Brunegraf Martin

CO-FOUNDER & EIB Head of statistics

Mozola Pavol

FOUNDER & EIB Website Admin

Teslik Pavol

For more information please send an e-mail to info@baseballinterleague.com