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Schedules 2019

EIB 2019 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! The schedules are uploaded on to our website. Stay up to date with the latest news here.

A-Pool Schedule                                B-Pool Schedule

We are looking forward to a very competitive 2019 season and wish luck to all teams.

Some important notes: In order to update the rosters for this upcoming season, we need you to send us filled documents.


Thank You


new Season, new Challenges

Another successful year is in the books for the Euro Interleague. We would like to congratulate Olimpija Karlovac for re-claiming the A-Pool title. We would also like to congratulate Zagreb and Varazdin for hanging on to their positions in A-Pool with wins against Beograd and Trnava. Thank you to all of you who made this year so great and we look forward to another fantastic year in 2019.

With that being said, we would like to begin registration for the 2019 EIB season. If your club plans on participating next year, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can have an accurate count of teams in order to properly prepare for the season. We plan on having an offseason meeting in the near future and hopefully discuss possible restructuring and other matters.

Best Regards, Euro Interleague Baseball


2018 EIB Playoff Review

Congratulations to Olimpija Karlovac for being crowned the 2018 EIB Champions!


How they got there:

The first semifinal matchup was won by Nada SM Split over Budapest Reds, 11-5. The second playoff matchup saw Olimpija Karlovac defeat Apollo Bratislava. In the Final, Olimpija Karlovac defeated fellow Croatian club, Nada SM Split to regain the title on their home field.

Relegation games:

Meanwhile, relegation games were taking place. Zagreb and Vindija both kept their spots in next year’s EIB A-Pool in best of three series’. Zagreb did so by beating Slovak B-pool contenders, Angels Trnava. Vindija kept their spot by defeating Serbian Contenders, Beograd.

Winter meeting:

We look forward to seeing representatives from all clubs in our winter meeting. More information on this meeting will be sent out to everyone. In the meeting, we will discuss plans moving forward and future plans for our league.



Dear friends,

As the EIB’s top 4 teams battle for the championship, 4 other teams will be competing for 2 spots in A-pool.

The two teams battling for promotion from B-pool to A-pool, and hosting the matches, will be Beograd 96 and Angels Trnava. The two teams fighting to keep their spot in A-pool will be BK Zagreb and Vindija Varazdin.

The format will be identical to last year. It will be a best of 3 series with one game on Saturday, September 1st and another game Sunday, September 2nd. If the series is tied after 2 games, a 3rd game will take place immediately after game 2.

The Schedule is as follows:


Location: Trnava

Game 1: Saturday, September 1st @ 15:00

Game 2: Sunday, September 2nd @ 11:00

Game 3*: Sunday, September 2nd @ 15:00 (*if necessary)


Location: Belgrade

Game 1: Saturday, September 1st @ 15:00

Game 2: Sunday, September 2nd @ 11:00

Game 3*: Sunday, September 2nd @ 15:00 (*if necessary)


EIB – Final 4

Another successful Euro Interleague Baseball season is in the books and the table is set for the 2018 EIB playoffs. 
The 4 best teams in the EIB A-Pool will meet in Karlovac to decide who will take home the 1st place prize. The tournament will commence at 11:00 on September 1st with the regular season first place team, Nada SM Split taking on the #4 seed Budapest Reds. The second game of the semifinal round will take place at 16:00 and it will be a battle between Olimpija Karlovac and Apollo Bratislava
The third place matchup will take place at 10:00 the following day against the two losing teams of the semifinal round, afterwards, The winners of the two semifinal matches will play at 15:00 to determine who will take the title as 2018 Euro Interleague Champions.
“Congratulations to all 4 teams and good luck in the playoffs!”





Game 1: Nada Split vs Reds Budapest 11:00 
Game 2: Apollo Bratislava vs Olimpija Karlovac 16:00 


Game 3: (3rd Place Game) Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2 10:00 
Game 4: (Championship Game) Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2 15:00