1.  The teams will be place in 2 pools, Pool A (6 teams) and Pool B (7 teams).
  2. The schedule will be balanced schedule. Each team will play 2 games over weekend with same team.  Each team will play 20 games total in “A” pool and 12 games in “B” pool. The games postponed because of rain will be making up. In the case that we have been rained out on Saturday, teams will play 2 games on Sunday. It will be 30 minutes between games, and first game will start at 10 a.m. The games will start at 4 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday.
  3. First 4 teams from pool “A” qualified for the final tournament. Commissioner of the league decide who will organized Final 4 tournament.
  4. 5th and 6th team from pool “A” and 1st and 2nd team from pool “B” will play relegation round.  Winners of the relegation rounds will have a right to play in “A” pool next season. Relegation round games will be played at 1st and 2nd team of pool “B”. Relegation round is best of 3 (three) games series.
  5. ANY CHANGES OF SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  In the case that 2 teams, involved in one game, wants to make schedule change, after the final schedule was publish, they will pay 100 Euro fee.  Time of the game is changeable only if both teams involved in game agree. Team who ask for a change time of the game must inform commissioner (no later Friday) who will publish time change in new report. HOME TEAM MUST INFORM UMPIRES AND SCOREKEAPER ABOUT NEW TIME OF THE GAME.
  6. The team who does not come on the scheduled game will lost the game by 9:0 score and will pay 500 Euro fee.  The fee will be given to the opposing team.  If the reason for not coming is traffic problems, car accident or similar reason, the game will be reschedule and play later and no fee will be charge, if the team can present value evidence from the traffic police about accident.
  7. If the team, during a season, lose 3 games because of penalty fee, will be automatically ejected from the league, and all his scores will be erased.





  1. The umpires will be delegate by National federations.
  2. On league games, all the umpires will come from home team country.
  3. All the umpires will be pay by National federations, basic on their own regulations.
  4. The federations have an obligation to delegate the best umpires available, for Interleague games.
  5. Every team who will play on Inter league final tournament must bring umpire on the tournament along. The umpire must be with International license of CEB or must be on the list of best umpires in his country. The teams, finalists, will take care about transportations and lodging for the umpire, during tournament. The organizer will pay umpires, basic on their own regulations. The teams who do not take umpire along; will be not allowed to play on tournament.
  6. Along with, those 4 umpires who will be coming with the teams, the organization country will delegate 2 more umpires for tournament and pay for their transportation, lodging and fee. The home plate umpire on all games of   tournaments must be from neutral country. On each game on final tournament, 3 umpires will be attended.
  7. The commissioner must be present on the Cup tournament and he must run the competition and delegate the umpires. The home team will cover his transportation and lodging during the tournament.




  1. The league is a wooden bat league. All the others bats are prohibited. All wooden bats on IBAF list are allowed, including bomb bats and composite bats.
  2. The official baseballs are Diamond D-1,  Wilson A1010, Wilson A1030, Benson LGB-1, Mizuno MB 270, SSK 1000 GDN,
  3. All the games will be play according official baseball rules, accepted by CEB and IBAF.





  1. Every home plate umpire must fill out the “Game report” form after the game and send it to his federation.
  2. The home team must send game report and statistic sheet, for the games played last weekend, to the commissioner’s office no later than Wednesday at midnight, by e-mail to the address   Every home team who does not send complete papers will be charge with 30 Euros for the 1st time and for additional 10 Euros for every other time. Money will be taking off from his guarantee money.
  3. The commissioner’s office must send out the official report with standings no later than Friday by noon. All the statistic will be publish on web sites no later than Saturday by noon.
  4. All the home teams must send game score 30 minutes after the game was played, on commissioner mobile phone +421901708595, by voice or by SMS.

Every team who does not send game score on time, will be charge with 30 Euros

for the 1st time and for additional 10 Euros for every other time.

  1. All the scores and statistic will be published on Internet. All the federations and

teams can send fax numbers or e-mails of news agency or radio or TV stations, so

commissioner’s office can send out scores and standings every Saturday and

Sunday night, for better promotion of the league.




  1. All the players who have a right to play for their teams in their National championship can play in Inter league games.
  2. The teams must send their final roaster to the commissioner office, by e-mail, on players form, no later than April 1th. The teams, who do not do that, will be suspended after a warning issue by commissioner.
  3. The teams can add players on roaster no later than May 15th according their National federation regulations for registration.
  4. The players can change a team in Inter league once, but no later than May 15th
  5. The teams can’t add players on roster if they are registered in National federation which doesn’t participate in Inter league. Only transfers may be done between National federations which clubs play in Inter league no later than May 15th