1. 6 teams from 4 countries playing in 1 pool.
  2. Each team will play 2 games over weekend with same team.  Each team will play 10 games round robin. The games postponed because of rain will be making up. In the case that games have been rained out on Saturday, teams will play DH on Sunday with 30 minutes break between games.
  3. Top 4 teams after round robin will qualify for the final tournament. Venue and date of the F4 tournament will be announced before the season starts.
  4. Every change in the schedule has to be announce to the commissioner who will inform the umpires and scorekeepers.
  5. Team which does not show up on scheduled game without any further explanation will be penalized with 500€ fine and will lose the game by automatic score 9:0. If the team has an objective reason for not showing up, games will be rescheduled with no fees or penalties.
  6. Team which does not show at 3 games without any further explanation will be automatically ejected from the league.



  1. Officials will be delegate by home team or federation.
  2. Officials will be paid by home team or federation, based on their own regulations.
  3. Home team or federation have an obligation to delegate the best officials available.
  4. Officials for the Final4 tournament will be delegate by organizer. Although every participant has the right to bring one umpire for the tournament. All the officials during the F4 tournament will be paid by organizer.



  1. Entry fee is 200€.
  2. The league is a wooden bat league. WBSC Europe approved wooden bat list and non-one-piece wooden bat list.
  3. The official baseballs are Diamond D-1,  Wilson A1010, Wilson A1030, Benson LGB-1, Mizuno MB 270, SSK 1000 GDN,
  4. All the games will be played according to official baseball rules, accepted by WBSC Europe.



  1. Home team will send the result to EIB office right after the game. Scoresheet sign by officials and coaches will be send to commissioner’s office after the game, not later than 24 hours after the Sunday game. All the informations will be send via email or other means of communication approved by commissioner.
  2. The commissioner’s office will announce the results statistics and game reports on the website asap.



  1. All the players who have a right to play for their teams in their National championship can play in EIB.
  2. Teams will send their final roster to the commissioner office, by e-mail, no later than March 15th.
  3. Transfer deadline is May 15th. No player can be added to the roster after this date.