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Opening Weekend

Exciting opening weekend for the Euro Interleague Baseball!

The Euro Interleague Baseball (EIB) kicked off its regular season 2023 with four teams competing from three different countries: the Apollo Bratislava from Slovakia, Red Wolves Budapest from Hungary, Aeros Erd from Hungary, and BSK Novi Sad from Serbia. EIB was founded in 2016 as a continuation of the Interliga established in 1998.

On Saturday, the Apollo Bratislava faced off against the Aeros Erd in two thrilling matches, with the Slovakian team coming out on top in both games with the scores of 19:3 and 21:4.

On Sunday, the Red Wolves Budapest took on BSK Novi Sad in two exciting games. The Hungarian team emerged victorious in both games with the scores of 18:1 and 14:7.

The current league table has the Apollo Bratislava and Red Wolves Budapest tied for first place.

Stay in touch for more updates and exciting matches from the Euro Interleague Baseball!”